The ability to use farther and further correctly helps make your writing clear and intended meaning more apparent.Many people use these two words interchangeably, thinking there is no difference between them. There definitely is a difference. By understanding this difference, you can improve your writing skills. What is the Difference` Farther applies to actual, physical distance. On the other hand, Further applies to metaphorical distance. Eg. I travel farther, and I study a subject further.




Farther refers to physical or geographical distance. Here are some examples of proper use of this word.   Further refers to time, quantity, or degree. In other words, further indicates a continuation or extension of anything else other than distance; the word relates to more abstract references. Further is another way of saying `additional.` Here are some examples of correct use of further.
Eg. We are farther from Mumbai than I thought.   Eg. Prices will likely drop further next year.
Eg. She went farther away from her family than she had gone before.   Eg. I don`t want to discuss this topic further.
Eg. My new apartment is farther from my office than my old apartment.   Eg. I have to look further into the matter later.
Memory Cue Use farther if you can substitute the word with more miles.   Eg. The subject calls for further study.

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