In Life, work on this principle; I do (!) and all you have to do is to ask` And it can lead to all your dreams coming true. In 1957, when I finished my B.Com and I was not getting a job, I asked my father to let me to go USA to do my MBA. Knowing fully well that on his salary of Rs.650 pm, this was impossible, I still asked! Over the next six months I started working on it and I went! Also during my professional career, I asked` my bosses in 80`s to let me take dealers` sons` and dealers`` to USA to do Mini-MBA with Ford and Yamaha-it took over a year` but the asking worked. Remember, it I asked for the `stars` ten times, I got once! So you have to be `thick skinned`. Balance nine times I learnt something new and different. However, do your home work well-very well-before you ask`  

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