Where There Is A Will, And The Knowledge And The Skill, There Is A Way. – Article By Vijay Batra

The older proverb, “where there is a will, there is a way,” should be upgraded to “where there is a will, and the knowledge and the skill, there is a way”.

My observation over the years is that successful individuals don’t rely on will power alone but make every effort to build their knowledge and skills.

I, in my middle ages struggled with weight issues. When I was in my teens and early twenties, I was lean, weighing around 60kgs, as I had a very active life style. As I entered my late twenties, my job became sedentary and I did not manage my dietary habits and exercise routine.

With the result I started to gain weight. As I entered by late forties, I had become obese. My weight crept up to 95kgs plus.

During that period, I would try to eat less, and exercise, but I would not be consistent, and soon be on the track of gaining excessive weight again. I also started justifying my condition.

I rationalized that my weight was age appropriate. I would make lame comments, that I am being responsible as a husband and as a father, and I am a hard worker. Therefore, I deserve to reward my self by indulging in eating fatty and tasty foods in excessive quantities. I even made stupid comments that it was my age to enjoy all the tasty food I could manage to get my hands on.

Deep down, I was aware, I was wanting to gain health, “loose weight” but as I had not learnt the skill or gained the knowledge, my will power alone could not achieve shedding excessive weight. I hindered myself with a wrong notion that taking guidance from a nutritionist was being stupid and frivolous.

As I entered my fifties and I was totally resigned to my “bad habits” of inappropriate eating and life style, my wife insisted that I take the counsel of a nutritionist. I “gave in” and went and met Ms. Ruchi Bhatia. Meeting her on the first day, I made a commitment to myself, that what ever she tells me, I will listen, learn and I will practice.

I did listen, learn and practice what she taught me. I am very happy to share with you that I have now gained the appropriate knowledge and the skills to control my eating habits and life style and I have come down from being 95 kgs plus to 80kgs.

I feel great, and I have realized that taking help from experts who can give you the knowledge and help you in gaining the right methods will help you boast your will power and, in the process, you will find your way towards personal improvement.

I strongly suggest, be it loosing weight, gaining health, becoming a better professional, or a family member, don’t limit your self to will power alone, but take the guidance of experts in the fields who will help you in gaining the right methodology.

There is a famous proverb which I would like to quote, “successful people succeed in similar ways, failures, fail in their own unique ways.”

Have a fantastic festive season, and make sure that we welcome the 2019 with open mind and arms.

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