You arrive home after the days work and your spouse is tense and wants to discuss some matter where your opinion is important. You hear it all first, and when you begin to speak you notice your spouse is surprised at your unexpected response. You have no clue either about why you said what you said. You were able to make a positive assessment and take an optimistic stand on what your spouse anticipated that you would rather become upset and take an adverse stand. What do you think caused the unexpected shift in your perspective` It could be someone you met during the course of the day, or even just spoke to over the phone. As you would have it, people radiate their inner energy around them. And they do so freely. When they come in contact with another person who is in a relatively neutral state, some bit of energy transfer takes place in the presence of one another. People with an amazing attitude have an unexplainable ability to influence your attitude positively. Their bubbling spirit passes on to you without their effort, and while you were unaware of it. You must find various ways to surround yourself with such people who exude positivism, energy and the zest for living. People with positive energy will:

  • brighten the space around you
  • energize you
  • make you feel good about yourself
  • fill you with the urge to start afresh in spite of your setbacks
  • bring a positive outlook to the situation

Depending who you are with; you will either gain a positive momentum in the meeting or lose your own! This is because, along with the positive, you are catching a great deal of negative signals as well. People with negative energy will:

    • sap your vitality
    • cause unrest and turmoil in the surrounding
    • make every one uneasy
    • people feel either drained or relieved upon their exit
    • additional unexplained negative behaviours emerge in their presence like ` jealousy, mistrust, hatred, revenge, anger etc.
    • fill your mind with doubts, fear and cynicism.

  So, what can you do about the negative energies around` Primarily, there is little you can do about it. The negative exists out there to balance off the positive. And it does so by posing ever new challenges which the positive must overcome. Instead of trying to combat with the negative, it is better to first learn to identify so that you may also have the option of avoiding. Most people consider this option as an escape route; however, on the contrary, it is a big energy saver as it stops you from expending your precious energies on inessentials. Hence, first you must learn to identify it. Simple steps to infuse positive energy in your life:

    1. Repeat to yourself the one line which fills you with hope and energy ` words that really charge you up. Begin your day everyday by repeating these lines to yourself. You could even keep it as an exhibit in your personal space at the work place or at home where you spend a large part of your time. This would also serve as a reminder to you. Remember words have power, hence repeat the words to yourself and allow yourself to hear the words. That is how you can receive the energy from it.


    1. Begin your day with great music - Music is a great healer for the soul. Be it love or heartache, whenever there is an intense emotion, you would notice it is common to break into a song. Though a lot of people try to scientifically argue that, yet everyone knows and feels that music has the ability to put you in a different mood. Let music be an active part of your morning ritual.


    1. Everyday we have a choice to correct our mistakes of yesterday and live wiser - Hence, be grateful for the day you have woken up to. It is a gift from the universe, to allow you 24 wonderful hours so that you can live life to your fullest.


    1. Consciously do things that make you happy - These can be simple things like walking with your dog, listening to your favourite bhajan , updating your personal board with your child`s latest artwork and so forth. The idea is to create such moments frequently which trigger positive feelings in you so that you are not swayed unfavourably by the negative.


    1. Take one specific effort everyday to be in touch with the good old friends and associates who have seen you through lots of ups and downs - They would have an amazing ability to lower your stress levels by simply accepting you as you are and hence give you a positive sense of being. It will not consume much time ` whether you want to drop a line through the mail, send a message from your hand phone or even make a call. Yet that would put you in a pleasant and positive mood that would last through the day.


  1. Indulge in random acts of kindness because nothing brings more joy and positive energy than the feeling of being of help and use to another - You can do very simple things but they must be unexpected. It is only then that they would bring the joy you seek.

Whatever you current state may be, with consciousness towards your moods and emotions you will be able to gain a positive attitude, and remain composed and unfazed in adverse situations. Remember, every positive step you take will influence your attitude. Which is why, no act is small. You may find helpful: Attitude is Everything Four Proven Techniques On How To Capture Positive Habits Energize Yourself ` Switch on/ Switch off Eight Clues To Happiness

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