1. Learn from Hanumanji: De panga, le panga. Give trouble, get trouble.
  2. Do essentials; don`t do in-essentials!
  3. Do important jobs now before they become urgent.
  4. Work hard, work smarter.
  5. Fear embarrassment holds us back; learn to have no fears.
  6. Do it now. OR GET IT DONE!
  7. Help people whenever you can, as many times as you can. This is part of the attitude of networking.
  8. Boss, wife, son, daughter` what can I do for you today` Invest your time in helping people around you.
  9. Monkeys go on jumping around. Honey bees go on working, to have enough to store for tougher time.
  10. Do not expect your boss to be intelligent or knowledgeable! His job is to get job done through you or anyone else.
  11. Do small things greatly.
  12. Keep your office or your working place as if your god is going to pay you a visit!
  13. No effort ever goes waste.
  14. Begin, do not go on brooding.
  15. Do one thing at a time.
  16. Manufacture an attitude of `everyday`!
  17. Send your thank you note now, even if it is on scrap paper!
  18. Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things!
  19. Use the waste paper basket a lot; throw away what you won`t need!
  20. Say your one-minute prayer often.
  21. Ships are safe in the harbor, but they are meant to go out into the sea!
  22. Work smarter, not just harder.
  23. Learn the attitude of suspended conclusion.
  24. What are you doing for others` Do ask yourself this question at regular intervals.
  25. Do not ask what others can do for you, do whatever you can do for yourself.
  26. Starve the problems, feed the opportunities.
  27. Find employment in your job. Don`t waste your time on doing a routine job exceedingly well!

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